Synology Photos Sharing and SMB

Hi Will,

Thank you for all of the advise you have provided, it has been very helpful. I have a few questions that I hope you could help out with.

For the family, on each of our laptops I have created SMB access that gives everyone access to the shared folder and each one of us has a folder with our names on it. This is great and works as expected for files.

I created enabled Synology Photos sharing and it created a sub folder called photos and all of us can share photos via the app. For mobile devices this is excellent and no complaints here. I also have a DSLR, its old so I have to upload photos via the laptop. The SMB only allows provides access to the shared family folder not the photos folder. I would have to create another SMB for the photos folder.

My question is it possible to move the photos folder to the main shared folder and would that mess up the mobile app?

Secondary question - can I create another photo group for my sister’s family and they can drop their photos in their dedicated space?

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To understand Synology Photos (SP), I suggest becoming familiar with some basics in that SP can operate in either or both of two modes:

  • Shared Space
  • Personal Space

Personal Space is automatically enabled when you enable the User Home service. The folder that SP uses is /home/Photos. Note the capital P and the -s (plural). Each user has its own …/Photos folder, and it has full access to it.
Shared Space is enabled manually. Admins have full access, other users must be granted access, and access is granular. The location is the shared folder /photo. Notice the lowercase p and singular syntax.

I assume you use both modes. If so, there is a space selector in the Photos tab (web app) and mobile app.

Hi Paul,

Yes, I use both modes. My issue is my network drive mapping (SMB) is to shared family folder. This mapping does not allow you to see the SP shared folder photo. As this folder resides outside of the shared family folder. Now if I were to move this shared folder (photo) to be under the shared family folder would that mess up SP - as it is looking for its location of /photo?

Hope that helps clarifies what I am asking.

Hi @ben,
Synology Photos insists on the fixed location of the /photo shared folder. So moving around is not an option.

In addition, only admins have access to the /photo shared folder by default, but you could fix that. The idea, however, is that you control the photo collection entirely through the web or mobile SP app, including access permissions for the Shared Space, and not via a SMB share.

I gathered all that - I guess what’s the best method to get my DSLR photos to Synology Photos folder. I guess log in as the admin and move the photos from the SD card to the folder??

Yes, or use the upload feature of SP, and make sure you choose the right view: Timeline View versus Folder View.

The selected View determines the folder SP stores the images.

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