Synology Photos sharing with Family Members and PLEX Media

Hi there,
i have been following the 2 Tutorials on Lightroom and Synology Photos workflow and kind of made my setup worse than it was before… :worried:

originally all my 200K photos were on the “Shared Space” photo-folder, i had the indexed with Face recognition and assigned names to all faces. my family had access to the folder and could see and share.

What bothered me with this setup was, that i could not sync the pictures from my Synology “photo” folder with PLEX. even if i assigned the correct path, PLEX would not sync the pictures.
( i planned to do this in order to see our pictures easier on the PLEX app from Apple TV. so far i did not come across an easy way to stream photos from synology to the APPLE TV.)

so following the tutorials I moved my entire library (200K Photos) from the shared space “photo” folder to the newly created Lightroom Catalog folder within the synology.

good thing: PLEX synchronized my photos flawlessly!!

BAD NEWS: But two issues came up:
1: all my face recognition was gone
2: my family members could not access the files any longer

Then i moved the entire library from the Lightroom Catalog Folder to my personal space of my Synology ADMIN account.

Good News:
PLEX synchronized just fine,

Bad News:
1.) face recognition still lost and
2.) family sharing of the entire folder structure with family still not possible.

1.) how can i retrieve the face recognition for my library (i.e. can i move the photos library back to the original “photos” location? or any other tricks)
2.) how can i share entire (raw) folder structure (not just specially made albums) with family members?
3.) how can i solve the issue that PLEX only seems to syncs from personal space folders but not from public space “photo” folder.

much appreciate any tips or help on this.


I’ve done something similar. I’ve got all the raw and original files in my home folder. Then I copy the photos/videos to the shared folder so basically I’ve got 2 copies of everything.