Synology Photos too slow on DS220+

I have recently bought Synology DS220+ for storing my photos. I have uploded several hundred of photos for test and everything was fine, so I uploaded all of them (51 000 files; 160 GB). NAS was indexing data and running face recognition for 1-2 days, now it seems to be finished, but it is still quite slow. When browsing photos in the synology photo app, sometimes it tooks 10-20s or even a minute to load selected pohotos.

Can I do something to speed it up? In such state, synology photo app is unusable.

So while it is indexing you will see the whole NAS be slow.

More likely than not I would just wait a couple of days for the indexing to finish and then it should speed up a ton!

I have about 200G of photo on a DS920+ and it is fast.
Are you certain the indexing is completed ?
Look on the upper right corner of DSM web page, it tells if indexing is in progress.


I think indexing is complete, it was shown on the webpage, but it is not here anymore. Similar to face recognition - when it was running, synology photos was consuming about 50% of CPU in task manager, now there is usually 0%.

I will give few more days and I will see.

It seems, that mystery is solved - antivirus was scanning all the files, that was copied into the NAS and it was slowing it. Now the scan is complete and everything is working fast enough.

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Ah that can do it!

Antivirus can really slow these things down, I rarely setup scans as its pretty hard for the NAS itself to get a virus

I set up antivirus because of computers, that are using files on the NAS, not because of NAS itself. I am not sure, but it seems, that antivirus on the NAS is not so smart. It looks like it is checking all files periodically, not only changed ones.

Old files can harbor malware that has yet to be detected. When the malware is eventually discovered then old files need to be scanned to see if the was already present.