Synology Photos, Upload from Any folder on the NAS?

Hi There! I am playing around with Synology photos. I’m a photographer and I use my Synology unit for storing all my work. I have them stored in folders other than the Photos folder. It seems I cannot upload from the NAS from any folder, it has to be the Photos folder. Is this true? Is there a way to target another folder?

Hey @pixelync,

So unfortunately Synology has limited Synology Photos to only two possible folders on the NAS:

  1. The Photos folder in each users home folder (which goes into their personal space)
  2. The photo shared folder (which is only created if you enable shared space)

The way I recommend people generally set this up is to use the photo shared folder (shared space) as your extensive portfolio. Any images that you really like and think you might ever want access to remotely get saved in whatever folder structure you have within the photo folder.

Thanks Will! Seems like too much trouble for me to make it work. If you have any influence over there, I would suggest they make it so you can cruise through your existing folder tree and select folders (with those little selections circles) so it’s super easy to add photos that are already in folders. I’d like it to work more like a photo browser for existing photos elsewhere on the NAS. Just replacing iCloud doesn’t seem to have much benefit. Thanks as always!

@pixelync That is absolutely something that I wish they would add! It’s probably been one of the most requested features from my experience! I think they are not doing it in an attempt not to confuse people, or possibly because of hard coded variables that could not handle multiple folders in the code

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I just had to write on here. To say wow I love my synology soo much. I’m currently playing with synology photos and managing to back up my fav images and prob All my library off my iphone. Let alone all the other wonderful things I’ve implemented on it.

I’m soo happy with what this machine can do!! No need to rely on iCloud sync and the photos app. I’ve now this which means I can sort and file my best images and videos.

The best thing I ever did.l plus with your help Will it makes it’s much easier to do. Thanks again. J hope they do implement what you mentioned earlier

I agree with the suggestion above. I have folders with all my main photography work, holidays and personal dslr work in my photography share and would love to became to add them to synology photos with a click link rather than copy over to this folder but currently it will just be all iphone and edited videos and exports I place literally in the photos folder.