Synology reverse proxy and plex

What am i doing wrong here?
I setup reverse proxy on my DS918+ and configured it to route from DDNS port 443 to Plex server address on port 32400
With no luck.
Can someone help me on what the setup should look like?

So that should be the correct setup for this. What is the issue you are having? Does the DDNS route to the Synology or what?

Hello, I had issue with that before as well. Go to Settings>Network>Custom Server Access URL and then enter your reverse proxy’s domain there. It should work after that.

Custom server access URLs

A comma-separated list of URLs (either HTTP or HTTPS), which will be published to for server discovery. This can be very useful in a few cases: if you’re using a VPN to get back home, if you’re using a reverse proxy in front of the media server, or if your networking configuration is otherwise unique. For instance, if you have your own custom domain with subdomain, you might add: