Synology security concerns in case of Taiwan invasion

Let me know if this is not the right place for this topic. But I want to know what is your opinion about Synology security if ever Taiwan would be invaded by China. I am a Synology fan but I think I need a backup solution to replace Synology in case of such events. What do you think? Did you consider a backup solution just in case…?

Synology has a sattelite presence in Washington state I think. If China gets to that we will have bigger problems than product support. I’m sure Synology has thought of this long ago and has contingency plans that they don’t advertise.

Invading Taiwan would probably quite an explosive development considering that Chinese presence in TMSC’s facilities is a “deny at all costs” sceanrio.

Semiconductors Maker TSMC Will Not Need to Be Destroyed in China’s Invasion - Bloomberg

But if it is ture that chinese soldiers used rocket fuel to cook their meals it might be difficult for China to move.

China’s Army Had Missiles Filled With Water Instead of Fuel: Bloomberg (

If you think that is a concern for Security? What if I told you Synology in Taiwan monitors your NAS, and its use. And can even send you lock out messages.
Below is a post I did on another forum. Enjoy!

So you think Synology knows how much privacy you feel about alot of files you have. Some are very sensitive too. Maybe why our main US Gov. Doesn’t use Synology. Kinda like TikTok does, Synology does something similar. And goes a step further to even shut you down if need be.

You see. When ever you launch your NAS. And if updates are set to automatic. Or if you manually check for updates. There’s a little script that runs in the background checking on you, and your apps. It was mainly designed for piracy. But it has a few things more in it. Can even lock you out. Change your password even. And more we aren’t exactly sure what it does.

There is a way to stop this I will describe below. But I think all NAS users should be aware of those little secrets, and how to prevent them from reoccurring.

On your NAS when you do check for updates, or the NAS is set for automatic updates. A tiny script called Synowedjat will run. It actually starts with this command on update checks. “synopkg chkupgradepkg”. That in turn launches synowedjat-exec. That in turn launches “synowedjat protection”

Its a sort of backdoor open porting to verify a few things on your NAS. Or more. Mainly piracy. And sends info over to Synology. Then Synology decides what to do next.

Can even punish you and lock you out of your NAS if they want to.

Who knows what they see at Synology HQ about your NAS and files.

Here are some of the files they place to keep an eye on you.

“Synowedjat-exec” also sends info about your hardware, apps and more.

“Synowedjat” also in itself has a few debug modes, or test modes it plays with.


“collect-enc” That sends host info to Synology.

“punish” That can reset the login GUI screen with a piracy Screen. You are locked out.

“protection” Just a default mode of the script.

"Runs /run/ai_tool.cpython-38.pyc. This manipulates the Active Insight Package settings. Reviews HOSTS. Can initiate “punish” scripts.

So how can you stop this?

Is there a way to prevent these intrusions from happening?


First. Turn of Autoupdates. Best to choose anyways what you want updated.

Imagine a failed update at night, just to wake up anyways to a dead NAS that has to go for service now? Not good. We see that alot. Best to always keep this off.

Once that is done.

Follow these steps. Note: Once you do a update later. You will have to do these again.