Synology Share to host “Photos Library.photoslibrary”

I search the web for a solution to put “Photos Library.photoslibrary” or “iMovie Library.imovielibrary” on the NAS and use Apple Photo or iMovie using that file on the NAS.

I did not find a consensus on the right methodology.

Here is what I do, even if some are saying the database could eventually be corrupted, it did not happen to me yet.

  • Create a share on the NAS e.g : AppleDrive
  • Create a .dmg file on that directory with Disk Utility e.g. PhotoLibrary.dmg
    • Open Disk Utility
    • File → New image → Blank Image
    • Put a name, select the size you want, leave Mac OS Extended Journal
  • Copy the “Photos Library.photoslibrary” in that .dmg file (seen as a directory when you open it)

For now I am able to open, modify, save and re-open from another Mac (same OS version) the “Photos Library.photoslibrary” or “iMovie Library.imovielibrary”

What I don’t understand:
Once you open the PhotoLibrary.dmg, even if you close and eject it, it will eventually reapear on your desktop. Even if you eject the share drive AppleDrive, both will be re-mount after some random time.

Why is this happening ?
Any other suggestion to place the “Photos Library.photoslibrary” on the NAS ?