Synology Update Cycle

I asked this question over on Discord before realizing these forums existed. I’ve been looking at upgrading from my current DS1813+ to the DS1821+. The things that are important to me are faster connectivity, M.2 slots, RAM expansion and processing power. I’ve used my NAS pretty heavily over the years I’ve had it, but I’m now getting into selfhosting pretty heavily. I’m about ready to pull the trigger on the DS1821+, since it hits most of those marks, and at a reasonable price, but the model is more than 2 years old. It would be nice if I could get the same one with 10Gbe and a larger RAM capacity built in. So has anyone heard any rumors about a replacement model for it? What’s the cycle like for new products from Synology? It is possible that a newer model would also include restrictions the DS1821+ doesn’t have, but I’d still like to know if there’s something in the pipeline. Thanks.

Also, if I go with the DS1821+, should I stick with Synology hardware for the M.2, RAM and 10Gbe card or go with 3rd party? According to the Synology site, they only list Synology branded stuff on the compatibility list.

Ulysses, I was in the same boat and recently migrated from DS1813+ to a DS1522+ a few weeks ago. I saved a little money by going with a 5 bay model and populated it with three Ironwolf NAS Pro 16TB drives to mimic the storage pool size on the DS1813+. So far, I’m happy as a clam. I used Samsung memory and Crucial M.2 without issues. Granted, this is for home use and my demands are light.
On the business side, I did install a DS1821+ last year which is the centerpiecce of my backup strategy and have been delighed with it’s performance. I used eight 16TB WD RED Pro drives, Synology’s memory and no M.2 (yet). I went with Synology memory only because I was too paranoid to risk the business backups. In retrospect, I think the DS1821+ is a fantastic device and I wouldn’t hesitate to use non-Syno memory and M.2 unless it’s mission critical.

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So I am not sure if we will see a DS1823+, as we recently just saw the DS1823xs+. In all honesty I still think today the DS1821+ is a great buy. The CPU was a massive step up from the 1819+ so even then not sure how big of a deal it will be if they do have the DS1823+. The only thing that I think we would get if there was an update would be 8 gigs of ram and maybe a faster CPU. I bet it would be 1 gig 4 ports

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Thanks so much to you both. This was pretty much what I was thinking. I just wanted someone with more experience with Synology to tell me yea or nay. I’ll be getting the DS1821+. I thought about going with the 12-bay, but the onboard M.2 slots sold me, which leaves the card slot open for dual 10Gbe ports. Or maybe 25Gbe.

Will, do you recommend Synology RAM, M.2s and cards with the DS1821+? I can get a lot more for a lot less with 3rd party products. Specifically, I’m thinking about 1TB M.2s for a cheaper price.

So I have a 1621 with non-synology ecc ram and two 1tb wd sn700 nvme’s and I have had no issues, I did however get a synology 10gbe sfp+ card as there are a ton of issues with intel cards out there that have vendor firmware that causes incompatability.

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Wow, THAT’s interesting. This is good to know. I was considering the 25Gbe card, but once I decided against it, I went with the RJ45 card. I haven’t placed the order yet, so I guess I’m going to go back to the SFP+ card. I’m new to SFP+, so I have to make sure I get the right stuff.

I’m asking for information on all this stuff because I’m planning to do all the upgrades on the front end — NVME, faster connections and as much RAM as I can manage. I was going to go with the Crucial CT32G4SFD8266 32Gb, because I read that the processor would support 64Gb, but I just realized it’s not ECC. Does anyone know of 32Gb SODIMMs that will work with the DS1821+?

I have exactly the same but with Hynix gold 1 TB NVME - again no issues and 32 GB of ECC RAM on 1621+ and Synology 10 GBE