The System that Will helped me build!

Hi All: I’m a photographer, and have loads of data. In the last year Will has helped me create an amazing system. I was recently invited on a Podcast to discuss what I have built, so take a look if you’re interested. Thanks so much Will! (you’re linked in the notes…)


Awesome to see @pixelync!

Thanks for the shout out! If anyone has not seen @pixelync’s setup its true serverporn:

Neat setup, since you are a mac shop, you may like the ubiquiti teleport vpn for your macbook pro as a simple one click option to get in remotely.

As a fellow photographer, this is very timely…thanks for sharing…


Scott Foley Photography

Have just watched this video - so good to hear of a real-world adoption of Synology. Thank you Jeffrey for taking the time to do that.
I amazed myself by knowing most of the things you spoke about re your synology; thanks to watching Will’s videos - and as a result, setting up my own 2-bay synology. The takeaway for me from your video was how you have Dropbox for your final versions and interactions with clients - such sound reasoning! And your insight into UPSs…great stuff. Learning will never cease.

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new2nas, yes so much to learn! Glad you’re up and running. It’s a nice feeling to have it working well.

I started to watch it but will need a week-end to view fully. I hope to at least learn enough to ask good questions when I am done. I am a hobbyist photographer and have struggled with (too) many solutions over the years. I am currently just dumping all raw files into dated directories under a unique top level folder. It works but I only get to process with a single computer due to some catalog constraints with my processing software.