The Top 6 Updates for a Synology NAS [video]

:spacerex: New video going over the top 6 updates to a Synology NAS:

The very first thing you should buy is a cheap external hard drive to backup your unit!

What other value adds should you spend your money on?

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Did not get the moment about the external HDD. Right now I have an external HDD for backups because my NAS has only two bays but I’m looking to buy 4 bay NAS and put the external HDD in one of the unoccupied slots and use it for backups as a separate volume. So is it fine or am I missing something?

Yes this is just as good! I just tell people “external drive” as it gets the point across a lot clearer, but as long is its part of a different storage pool then its good!

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RAM and NVMe SSDs for me especially with the upcoming DSM 7.2.

Am curious, what is your opinion on getting an expansion unit for my DS1621xs+? The expansion unit port is eSATA unlike the RS models where they’ve a proprietary high speed connector. I use VMs and Surv Station with 4 x 4K cams atm with maybe 2 more being added so it might have a mix of HDD and SSD.

Currently had 4 x 8TB Ironwolf Pro in RAID5 and a 1TB mirror with SSDs for VMs and only have about 2TB of space left on the primary RAID and debating if I’m better off buying a second, larger Synology or replacing it with a larger one. Thoughts?

So the eSATA port on the expansion units leads to ~600MB/s total, which is before any parity calculations you need to send or receive. So its totally fine for hard drives, but can be a bottleneck for your SSD’s.

I would move the HDD’s to the expansion unit and then leave the SSDs locally on the DS1621xs+ for peek performance

Thanks @Will , appreciate the feedback. That certainly is an option although I might look at spending an extra $2.5k and replacing it with the RS2423+. That thing is a beautiful 2U beast with a proper expansion solution.

Then I’d turn the current unit into a backup unit and archive unit for the VMs, data and Surv Station. Or might keep one or two VMs on it and have them replicate to the RS.

Hey @Will, congrats for your amazing work!

Regarding the external drive, I’ve had a lot of issues using WD 2TB external drives connected to my NAS. Mainly when I’m transferring files I’m getting a notification saying “External device USB Disk was not ejected safely”, so somehow my NAS (DS1821+) is ejecting the USBs randomly when transferring files (This has happened to me every single time I tried to transfer big amounts of data). I’ve been reading about this and it seems that this issue has been happening for 10 years or so ( and that might even happen with external drives with their own power supply. This is a big deal for me because I was planning on connecting some WD Elements Desktop Drives (the same one that you show but maybe 10-16TB) and using them as a backup, just like you suggest, but with this issue, I feel like I can’t rely on the USB ports of the NAS. I would really appreciate your opinion and advice about this as I set up all my NAS just by watching and following your YouTube videos!

Thank you!!

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