Time Machine on Synology Nas SMB or AFP

Your setup for TM on the Nas. SMB Bonjour or APF bonjour ? And why

I would use SMB. Apple has deprecated AFP a long time ago. SMB works great with time machine (what I personally use)


my concern doesn’t fit this thread a 100 %, but I thought, it fits in here better, than opening a new thread.
Yes, Apple has deprecated AFP a long time ago and it’s surprising, that its still exists in Ventura.
But I observed, that when copying large files to my Synology (2,5 Gbit connection on my Mac and 10 Gbit on my NAS), with SMB I get transfer rates about 160 to 200 MB/s with peaks up to 220 MB/s, perhaps a little bit more, with very large files. But with AFP the transfer rate ist between 220 to 250 MB/s with peaks up to 260 MB/s.
So AFP is, despite the fact, that it is deprecated, significally faster than SMB.
Does anyone know why?
For me, as long as AFP is “supported” by Apple and Synology, I will use AFP.

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