Transcoding for Synology DS1522+

Hello all,

I have a Synology DS1522+ that I’ve started using as a home server with Jellyfin. Now, I’ve started sharing it with my family members but they have older tv’s with fewer codecs available.

As a result I found out that the DS1522+ can really only handle 1 transcoding stream at a time, where I need at least 3 (possibly more in the future). So I was looking for a solution to my problem. That’s where I found this video by Spacerex:

Now, I’m a bit of a dumb dumb so the plug 'n play aspect of this product speaks to me. I’m fine with relegating my NAS to just be storage. Does anyone here have experience with the ZimaBoard? Would this product be the ideal fix for my problem? And if so, which version should I buy, the ZimaBoard 232, 432 or 832?

Thanks in advance!

I believe you would be more satisfied with an N100 mini-PC for your transcoding needs.

Thanks for your reply NewLeaf, I will look into it!