Tring to upgrade DS 220+ to DSM 7.2. Apache 2.2 incompatible

I am trying to manually update my DS 220+ to DSM 7.2 and i am getting a message saying that it is incompatible with Apache 2.2. Says there may be an issue with Download Station if i proceed.

I installed 2.4 and still have 2.2 running. I don’t want to break anything that can’t be undone.

I am also running Wordpress on this NAS by following directions on i went through the settings in WP and looked for any references to Apache 2.2 and changed it to 2.4…i only saw one instance.

Any ideas on how i can update?

So as long as you are running all of your WP instances on 2.4 now, you should be totally fine to upgrade. Download station on 7.2 Should use Apache 2.4. (have not verified this, but it would be really dumb of them if they did not)