TrueNAS Reverse Proxy + OpenVPN and Plex

Hi All,

I just set up my first server (TrueNAS Core 13.0-U5.2), and I intend to use it for file storage and media streaming via Plex. I have the former working within my home network, and I want both accessible from outside my home network. I watched SpaceRex’s videos on OpenVPN (link), and Plex, but I also found his video on setting up a reverse proxy on a Synology NAS (link). The OpenVPN method makes sense to be and I plan to implement it, but both it and the Plex guide require opening up ports on my router. My question is: despite me not needing to distinguish between two different NASs as Will demonstrates in the reverse proxy video, is it safer (and even possible) to implement the reverse proxy on top of the OpenVPN and Plex stuff? The reverse proxy requires opening up ports to, so I am unsure if it would be any better from a security perspective, but I would like more opinions than my own. Thanks!