Trying to get 2.5 GbE to work

I purchased a 10 GbE card off ebay (here).

I also purchased a 2.5 GbE to Thunderbolt port adapter off Amazon.

I installed the 10 GbE PCI card into my DS1621+. Since it has two ports I ran a CAT 5 ethernet cord from the card over to the 2.5 GbE adapter and plugged it into one of my iMac Thunderbolt ports.

Then I followed Will’s videos to setup the DS1621+ and the Ethernet 2 port on my imac.

> 10 GBE Card on Synology NAS (DS1819+) | 4K TUTORIAL

> Setting up a 10GbE Synology WITHOUT a 10GbE Switch on Synology NAS

Unfortunately, my LAN 2 on the DS1621+ shows as “Disconnected.”

Any thoughts on what I’ve done wrong?

Holy cats I got it working!

Couple items.

  • I was using a Cat 5e cable. My Cat 6 showed up today and when I switched that in I had an “Enabled” LAN item in the DS1621+.

  • I had two conflicting items in iMac Settings > Network.
    Somehow I have something called “USB 10/100/1G/2.5G LAN” in there. I edited that for the IP address and subnet mask. I had also created an “Ethernet 2” item that had the same values. Got rid of that one. Suddenly, my first connect item had a green light.

Once I had those items done/fixed I found my browser was getting to the new IP address for DSM.

So, the question now is, am I getting the improved throughput?

  • Running Blackmagic and I’m getting around 100 MB/s for write, and 99 MB/s for read.

Also, how can I be sure that “USB 10/100/1G/2.5G LAN” network port on my iMac is using the Thunderbolt port the 2.5 GbE adaptor is plugged into?

This is all the network items I have on my iMac.

  • So, I’m using the “Ethernet” item for my xFinity modem connection to the iMac.
  • I’m using the “USB 10/100/1G/2.5G LAN” item for the direct connect from the iMac to the DS1621+ 10 Gb Ethernet card.
    I know this is running through one of my two Thunderbolt ports as its the new Cat 6 wire and adapter running over to the new 10 GbE card in the DS1621+.

I’m confused about those other “Thunderbolt” items I’m seeing in Network Other Services. There’s a “Thunderbolt FireWire” item. There’s a “Thunderbolt Ethernet Slot 1” item. And, there’s a “Thunderbolt Bridge” item.

What are all those for?? How can I be sure I’m configured correctly for the Thunderbolt port I’m physically connected to with the DS1621+?