Tutorials for setting up Bind9

Does anyone know of a good tutorial for setting up Bind? I have the app up and running on a Pi4 but most of the tutorials are leaving out steps or have steps like log out of bind (ns) and log into your primary name server (ns1.example.com) and edit named.conf.options. If I had an operational name server why would I be trying to install a name server?

I’m trying to setup CWPanel on my home server and need a local name server to resolve what url goes where.


I found a tutorial for setting up Bind9. I now have ns1, and ns2 name servers up and running on the local network. One on a Pi4 and the other on my server. For anyone giving it a go the only update I found was using resolvectl status instead of systemd-resolve --status.
Also using yamllint to check the edited yaml files was indispensable.

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Great to know!

I have been using BIND for my DNS server for a while now! I remember setting it up was a huge pain (especially the replication side of things)

Thanks for the resource!