Two site Synology setup for home use

I want to build a setup that me and my family can use.

Synology NAS A: Country A
Synology NAS B: Country B

So I bought 2 * DS923 plus units each with 8TB storage.

What I wish to be able to do

  • I need a setup where NAS A and NAS B is in sync within 48h.

  • I want single login option for 7 members. (Think I have a solution for this)

  • When a photo album is share with all members, members from both NAS units need to be able to see and interact with the album.

  • If possible I want to automatically connect to the NAS with the least connection lag. Meaning if I normally connect to NAS A and visit Country B I should connect to NAS B.

  • My face recognition of photos should be visible on both systems.

What I know how to do

  • Single login option for 7 members.

  • Each system is setup with RAD0 as the other one should be backup to the other, I also do backup to HDD on a regular basis.

About the RAID 0 storage pool. May I ask why?

And why do I ask? I understand that some users prefer to live without fault tolerance or redundancy. If that is the case, do not use RAID 0 because you can not add disks to the storage pool if you like to expand. Use JBOD instead. No fault tolerance but with the option to expand in the future.

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Thanks will consider that.

Still no real answer to my original question.