Upgrading from DS115j

Im upgrading from a DS115j to a DS220+. Is hyperbackup my only option to transfer my data and settings? Migration assistant is not allowed from the J series and I dont think moving the drives from 1 NAS to the other is an option either. I assume I have to set up the 220+, set it as a target, and then rebuild the 220+ once everything is transferred? I hoping to go from 2TB on 1 drive, to at least 4TB on both drives in the 220+

Hello, you can also put the HDD into the new NAS. A backup before would be recommended.

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According to Synology you cant migrate drives from a single bay to a dual bay or vice versa

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I assume you set up your DS220+ with 2 drives, preferably in SHR or RAID1, for 1-drive fault tolerance.
Next, since HDD migration is not an option, you have (at least) two ways to transfer data and settings from the old to the new NAS. Your new NAS support Btrfs volume, which is preferred over the Ext4 volume of your old NAS, so HDD was not a good option after all.

One option is via Hyper Backup to a separate drive, typically a USB drive. You restore the backup data and system configuration to the new NAS.

The other option is backup-restore of system configuration (Hyper Backup or Control Panel) and syncs your data to the new destination. Shared Folder Sync or Synology Drive ShareSync are some software functions you can use. However, implementing these may not be as straightforward as the Hyper Backup route.


I only have 2 users, and no real applications in use on the DS115J. Is Hyper Backup even worth it on the new device, or should I just set it up clean and transfer over the files manually?

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Yes, just copying over is a good idea.