Upgrading HDDs in NAS

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I got a DS420+ with 4x 10tb HDDs in SHR-1. I’m using this as an offsite bare metal Hyper Backup of my main DS1522+. In need for more space, I’m thinking of replacing two of the 10tb HDDs with 18tb ones.

What is the best way to go about this, risking not losing an HDD in the process? Hot swapping one, let it rebuild, then hot swap another? Or just change both HDDs at the same time and do the Hyper Backup from scrach?

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P.S.: Does the DS420+ support 18tb HDDs?

Hi, it’s been almost a month since I posted this. Anyone out there? Still haven’t found an answer. Would be greatly appreciated.

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I suggest to hot swap one disk, let it rebuild, swap the next disk, rebuild.

The reason I opt for this solution is that it is the easiest to do.

Thank you Paul!

Do you maybe have previous experience with older models, such as the DS420+ supporting larger drives such as Ironwolves 18tb? On Synology’s website, only up to 16tb drives are supported.

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I do not have experience with 18TB disks in the DS420+. From countless posts on other forums, I do not expect any issues. I suggest buying from a retailer with decent return policies.

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