UPS with single USB to trigger shutdown on both NAS and Mac

Can you please make a video on utilizing a UPS to shut down multiple devices? Currently my APC UPS has only one USB and I have it linked to the NAS without issue. Alternatively, I can link the USB on the UPS to the iMac and shut the iMac down without issue if there is a power outage. How would I have the UPS trigger a graceful shutdown on both the NAS and an iMac? I tried a USB splitter, but that doesn’t seem to work. Any tips?

Hi Zac,

there seems to exists a solution for this, but I haven’t tried it myself!
With this app

you can see the data of your UPS which is connected to your NAS.
Synology devices can act as an UPS server to share the information of the UPS in your network. This app can receive this information and displays the information on your Mac in the menubar.
I use this app for myself, but only to show the statistics info (how long the UPS will last in case of power failure, if the UPS is charging or fully charged).

Now I come to the part, which I haven’t tested myself:
The developer of the app developed a Python script to shutdown your Mac as well, when the UPS sends the power down information to your NAS. You can find the description how to do it, here (third point):

I don’t know, if this works with later versions of macOS, as in this case, it is described for macOS 12.3 and wasn’t updated since then.

Hope this helps you or @Will for making a video about it.

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Thanks for the fast reply. I was looking into setting up a NUT client on the iMac, but the python script may be an easier solution.