Used Synology Drive for my iPhone. Should I have used Synology Photos instead?

Hi Team,

I’m going deeper into my new DS1522+ setup and loving it so far. My latest curiosity is if I should have setup my iPhone to backup the photos using the Synology Photos ios app instead of Synology Drive, which is what I used. I do want to use the Synology Photos app as the center of gravity for all family photos coming from multiple iPhones. So it seems in hindsight that maybe I should have used the Synology Photos ios app instead. :frowning:

With that in mind, I’d like to get the pro’s and con’s of whether I should continue using the Drive app or transition over to only using Photos given my objective. If I should migrate to using Photos, do I need to move the photos on the DS1522+ over to a new directory or simply stop using Drive and start using Photos? I obviously want to avoid duplicates and any self inflicted cleanup.

Many thanks for your recommendations!