Using an Active Backup for Business disk image from one laptop to clone onto another laptop

I need some advice from someone experienced with Active Backup for Business restoration from one machine onto another machine. I had a mishap with my laptop running Win 7 Pro and I crashed it. BIOS will not boot and it blue screens now. I bought an identical “new” used laptop with the same OS and had a “professional” swap the SSD from the old laptop into the new laptop. He said all went well and the SSD from the old laptop was working perfectly in the new laptop. Then he transferred the 16Gb of RAM from the old laptop into the replacement laptop (with only 4 Gb RAM) upon which time the replacement laptop blue screened. So, he did a fresh install of Win 7 Pro onto the replacement laptop but in the process lost all of my system and network configurations along with any legacy software I had. The replacement laptop is working now and has the original SSD and 16Gb of RAM, though all configurations and software are lost because of the fresh Win 7 Pro install.

I have regular backup images of the SSD of the original laptop before I crashed it. Can I write one of those images onto my replacement laptop or will there be issues because the motherboard is not the original? What are the issues in writing the image of one machine onto a new machine where the OS in both is Win 7 Pro?

It is hard to tell what will happen if you restore your AB4B backup to the replacement laptop. But you have nothing to lose, do you? I would give it a try.

I’m not quite ready to do that. If nobody here has any experience with this Problem I will ask Synology about it first.

That sounds like a good idea. However, depending on how you ask it, it can be considered a Windows issue.