Using Bee Station as a Time Capsule replacement

Most of my family members and friends who have Macs used to use the Apple Time Capsule as a kind of plug and play Time Machine back up solution. When Apple stopped making and supporting Time Capsules a few years ago, most of these people stopped regularly backing up their computers. I am kind of the unofficial tech support in my family, and I tried to get them to buy external HDs to plug into their computers regularly to do TM backups, but this almost never happens, and problems have occurred.

In your recent video review of the Bee Station, during the part about being able to set up SMB, you kind of breezed by the fact that if SMB is set up their is a Time Machine folder automatically set up. What I would like to do for my family (they don’t live with me) is tell them all to buy Bee Stations and then set them up to function purely as Time Capsules–so I can direct Time Machine on their computers at the Bee Station so that they start automatically backing up without them having to do anything else once it’s set up. Can you please consider making a short video on how to set this up? There is a huge unmet need for this amongst the jillions of folks who use Macs but are not sophisticated enough or who do not have a need for, other NAS services. Thanks!