Using cheap cloud hosting for additional 321?

Have a concept in mind. Not sure how to achieve this though. Possible? Thoughts? Feedback? Advice?

So the problem with these (at least with PrismDrive) is they do not have protocols other than their web interface for getting files.

Because of this the synology is not going to be able to actually upload files to the cloud. Instead you would have to drag and drop files.

What you cloud do if you really wanted just a one time backup would be to run HyperBackup to a local drive (encrypted). Then copy that entire directory to the cloud. But this would not be modifiable.

TL;DR; Might be useful to protect a large archive of old family photos, but without protocol like WebDAV that you can use to access files through the Synology you are not going to be able to update it

Thanks for the reply. I’m also realizing that if I had a 1TB encrypted file, that the file size limit at that particular host is 10GB. Id have to break it into 9GB chunks somehow. Not sure how to even do that. I assume whatever tool I use to encrypt might have the option to break it down into multiple files, but, this seems like a dead end.

Yeah, the one thing you could do is encrypt each file individually with a script. But I really only would do this if it’s something thats never going to change.

Also selling perpetual storage for a fixed cost like this seems like the company is out of money and trying to raise some quick capital. They might not be around for long!

You could split your 1TB file using the split command on the shell

split -b 10G yourFile