Using NGINX pointing to local IP address to avoid SSL cert errors

Hey Will.

Could you do a video based on Wolfgangs video but with a step by step for using this option on a SynologyNAS.

My main aim is to not have the SSL cert errors when accessing the NAS itself and also for services running on docker. My NAS is only accesible locally with no ports open on the router and I would like to keep this and thats why i was intrigued by the setup Wolfgang described. I have understood this setup allow local access with no SSL cert errors along with not opening ports (please let me know if ive understood it incorrectly:)).

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this is a good one! The hard part really comes down to getting it to work automatically without port 80 being open the first time!

Lets encrypt’s cooperate purpose is to make the entire internet have SSL encryption. So thats what the focus on.

Currently you only have to have port 80 open during the ‘proof’ start. After that renews do not require the port to be open!