Using Synology Drive and Active Backup on the Same Computer

I have installed both Synology Drive and Active Backup for Business on one of my computers. Active Backup will not run until I exit from Synology Drive program. I get these errors:

Not sure why Active Backup won’t run. I am not running any other snapshot programs or any on the list in the help article.

I have seen this before. Every time it was due to a disk error. I would run a disk scan on the drive through windows to see if it finds anything!

I thought that too and ran scandisk last week and it did not make a difference.

So I did some testing and also reached out to Synology to report this issue. They said that this is a VSS issue and I would need to contact Microsoft. I don’t think this is the case. Each client runs fine by itself. When the 2 are both running, Active Backup fails. I checked to make sure I did not have any configuration issues with VSS.

Since I am using Active Backup to do a weekly Bare Metal backup, I decided to employee a workaround. I am using Windows Task Scheduler to kill the Synology Drive Client while Active Backup is running and reactivate it when it is done.

I thought I would post my solution in case anyone else runs into this issue.