Using Synology HAT3300

Hi Will & co - just before the HAT3300s were released I bought a DS 2422+ and installed WD Plus 10TBs. The “unverified” warnings are worse than I thought because they withhold disk health information, so I’m thinking of swapping them out for Synology HAT3300s which are pretty much market price (unlike the 5300s).

These drives are said to be consumer grade and not appropriate for a 12 bay NAS. But it seems to me the 12TB versions would be fine for a 12 bay 2422+ which is used for more like SME work for storage & video + photo editing. Does anyone have any views about this? Would love to hear them. Thanks.

It should be OK. The HAT3300s are on the compatibility list of the DS2422+.

For photo and video editing, I should go for the 7200rpm drives like the HAT5300 or HAT3300 12TB (other HAT3300 capacities are 5400rpm) in combination with a 10Gbps Ethernet connection.