Using Synology NAS as Dropbox replacement ok to use MY DRIVE folder only?

I’m currently using my Synology NAS as a replacement for Dropbox. Initially, I followed a YouTube tutorial and set up multiple team folders that I found unnecessary and confusing. As a result, I have deleted or deactivated all team folders.

Now, I am only using the folder named “MY FOLDER” under my HOME directory as my synced folder. I have imported my old Dropbox files into “HOME/MY FOLDER/MYdropboxFILES”.

My primary need is to access files on the go through my IPHONE, IPAD or MAC and so far my set up is working for me.

Could there be any issues I should consider with this setup?

I don’t expect any issues. Why would there be any?

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Before I knew anything about anything related to NAS and Synology I watched the SPACEREX video on setting up first time. And after I set up I rewatched that same video from different POV as I had a system running. I realized I don’t have a “team” or “members” to share with. I just want the cloud function. The team folders etc I deleted and it’s working as I want it to. BUT just was double checking if there was anything I was missing being a noob.

Otherwise best thing I’ve done. Way better than dropbox and no subscription.

The concept of ‘promoting’ a shared folder into a Team folder with Synology Drive lets it sync to your client device as you do with your home folder, MyDrive. In addition, it can do version management for you (explanation simplified intentionally). You can have your synced files available offline.

That is all there is to it. You do not need a ‘team’ to benefit from a Team folder.

For example, you can have five shared folders on your NAS but only make two of them a Team folder to make them available via the Drive client on your device. No Team folders is fine too.

I am in the same situation. Replacing Dropbox was one of the main reasons why I purchased DS923+. However I am not completely satisfied with Synology setup.
I am using iMac. Dropbox folder with content that I wanted synced with Dropbox on-line is in my Finder window. On top. Clicking that icon I immediately get whole content laid out. Very easy to browse and manipulate with it.
NAS Drive is not like that. I have to click icon “D” on top nav bar and in the small window that appears click again on folder symbol and then click again on selections that says SynologyDrive. I have 3.
It doesn’t appear to be conveniently integrated into iMac HD (Finder) as Dropbox was. I don’t know something is off with this. I have similar complains with Synology Photos as well but that would be different post.

I followed this and everything is indexed in finder and spotlight. You have to index the HOME folder. The target folder is already indexed (or should be) but I indexed the home folder and works just like dropbox.

You mean HOME folder on NAS drive? How do you index that folder in FINDER?

emphasized textThe link didn’t post but I meant in the NAS control panel her is the text pasted :

** *All I was after was searching the drive with the Finder, not necessarily with Spotlight. Using the Control Panel, I indexed the folders on the DSM through this route… control panel> file services> SMB> indexed folder list (link)> create. You can select individual folders and the appropriate level of indexing. ***

For media indexing, control panel> services> indexing service.

Hope this helps.