Video Hosting on NAS w/out Recipient Needing to Download File

Hi! Love your videos on synology and that’s how I found you.

Quick question here, I would love to know if you can use synology to host videos for clients to see without downloading the file. As of right now if I send them a link to a video they have to download it. Is there a way to send them a link to a video that I host where they can watch it without downloading it?

I would love for it to be able to be embedded in an email similar to how Bomb Bomb does, or even simply be able to text them a link they can click on and be able to just straight view it by clicking on it.

Trying to get the most out of my synology and not have to pay for subscription services if my NAS can do it.

So if you are just looking for a very simple way to do this is just use web station!

Webstation allows you to spin up a simple (or complex) website. In this case that can just be static video content you are putting up.

Install web station and you will get a web shared folder. For the simplest things just delete all the files in here to start. Then drop whatever video files you want shared in this web folder. If you then go to http://<your NAS IP/<video file name> in your web browser you will see the file play! If you want to make it public, just open up ports 80 and 443 on your router to your NAS and use DDNS

WARNING This does not have an authentication. Anyone will could scrape, and see these videos or any other files you put in the web folder

this is what it looks like:

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