VLAN capabilities using Synology DiskStation anf Routers

Hi Will,

Everyone is pushing for people to use VLANs for security reasons. There seems to be compromises that people are not prepared for; especially when you need to communicate across VLANs. Assuming that the firewall is not the problem and is configured correctly. Can you make a few videos on the use of Synology packages with VLANs? I’m having trouble getting my NAS to connect to my media players when they are in different VLANs. I also find that Windows file share doesn’t work either across VLANs. There also seems to be differences between what can be done, connectionwise, with the Primary (Native) and other VLANs. I can do stuff on my Primary that I can’t do on another VLAN, like stream movies. You guidance is most appreciated. Thanks!

is mDNS on or off in your router?

Where would I find that setting? But, I did find that in "WiFi Connect " that “Multicast Translation” in “Advanced Options” was unticked for all new subnet WiFi’s I created. My media players are connected through WiFi using one of my newly created VLAN subnets.

I found some information online about “multicast translation.” It says, the goal is to make broadcast traverse to another subnet. By default router will not do this. So in order for broadcast to traverse over to another subnet I need to convert it to multicast and use pim to help me route to the last hop router, and at the last hop router convert the multicast back to broadcast.broadcasting over other subnets. This sounds like a more complex setup but I’m thinking it might be relevant.

what router do you have, sir?

I have a Synology RT2600ac.

I don’t see it in your router settings. that’s usually the culprit with Unifi routers. however, your last paragraph sounds exactly like it. you’ll need to enable it.

I found a FIX but it will only work when the NAS has at least to LAN interfaces. see this post for details.