Volume and Storage pools urgent advice required

Hi.I’m new to Synology and also NAS. Can I get some advice?
I have a 8 bay Nas and just wondering if I its better to have two volumes so I can back up from one volume to the next. what do you think? best way to set up 8 bay nas for Home files, Photography, Videography, Media to share, Work. will 4 x12Tb and 4 x 18TB, would you pool the lot and just have shared folders or would you split it into different volumes?

I put in the 18TBs first and 2 NVMEs and created Vol 1 and then realised I should have put the 12s in first if `I wanted ONE huge Pool/Volume.

I have copied the data over to the 12s which are now in a Second Pool/ Volume but my NVMes are related to Vol 1. Can I de activate Vol one so I can re add it in and add to Pool 2 ( as 12 small and 18 Larger) but what will happed to the NVME cache that is related to Vol 1 and has 36 GB on it ?

Is my system software on the first Vol which I want to take out and reinstall ? or on the NVME and how do I make sure I save this system software off these NVMEs.

I need to deactivate these and the Vol.1 ( making Vol 2 into vol 1) so I can reinstall these 18Tbs adding to the new Vo1 12 TB pool.
( so it becomes 4x12TB and 4x18TB) rather than the other way round. )

Do I deactivate the drive and the NMVE associated with Vol 1 to do this .
Is there system software on the cache NVMEs? How do I transfer this over?

Thanks in advance

So the most reliable setup you would have would be two volumes, having one of them backed up to the other. This way if your entire volume crashes, you still have a full copy of your data.

The problem with this is the store overhead.

So you would just delete volume 1, which would release the NVMe drives. You could then add your drives and NVMe’s to volume 2

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Thanks Will. After deactivating a drive thinking I needed to do it one at a time and being freaked out with the bleeping. I did just remove Vol 1.

Im now just waiting for the Vol 2. to finish adding its fourth 12TB drive and then I can add the old 18Tb volumes. I decided I just want one large Volume of space.
Could take a while to rebuild tho!

I chose to ad a dx517 to my Nas for the second volume. There is my backup.