VPN options for remote access

I watched a couple videos done by Will about using VPN/remote connection options for Synology. In one video he discussed the 5 ways to remotely access the NAS. I noticed he mentioned OpenVPN, but didn’t discuss using the Synology VPN as an option. This is currently how I connect to my Synology when away from my LAN. Is there a reason he didn’t discuss this as an option? I am wondering if this option is insecure or has issues. THank you.

I’m not aware of a Synology VPN embedded in the NAS. Are you using a Synology router and does that have a VPN protocol as a feature? I know that some Netgear routers offer OpenVPN as a native feature.

You can install VPN Server on the Synology and I setup L2TP/IPSec. When outside my network, I can use it on my Mac, iPhone, or iPad and connect to my LAN. So I was under the belief that it was a VPN. Thoughts?

Yes, Synology supports 3 VPN protocols, PTPP, OpenVPN, and L2TP. I was using LT2P for the longest time until I saw a video that Will posted and he recommended OpenVPN over LT2P. I read your post that you were looking for a different Synology branded protocol.

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I may be confused, but it sounded like Will said that the L2TP/IPSec doesn’t offer any security, but rather just a VPN tunnel. If this is the case, it isn’t a secure VPN option and I should look at OpenVPN, although I would rather keep a free option, as I have too many monthly recurring charges for our small business and I would rather not have one more lol

The IPSec in L2TP/IPSec makes it indeed secure, I’d say it’s just kind of old. If it works for your situation, it’s not really “wrong”, but OpenVPN is probably a better experience all around.

NordVPN have a decent blog post explaining what L2TP is in relation to IPSec and other options if you wanted to read into it more. What is the Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP)? | NordVPN

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Thank you for the information, I really appreciate it. Do you know if speed would improve with OpenVPN?

PPTP is quite old and vulnerable. It should be avoided.

Thank you. I was using L2TP, but am going to look into OpenVPN as I can probably stay within the free 2 user account.

Some. thoughts from others here. We just use my Nas for Home and personal use . Photos Video Docs and such. Just me and my wife need access to the Nas outside the Lan to access or save them when away from the our LAN. I currently use Synology Quick connect. Should I be looking at Open VPN or is Quick Connect secure enough for the type of files we have on our home Nas ?

Setting up the OpenVPN protocol on your Synology is free. It will create a Configuration/Certificate you will need to install on each of the devices you want to use the VPN on. To install the Configuration/Certificate on your devices, you have to download the Free OpenVPN App on each device, and import/install the certificate which is very easy. Also one thing to note, you need to have user accounts for each individual user user, not device) logging into the VPN. Make sure when you configure the VPN protocol on the Synology, you give each user permissions to use OpenVPN.

OpenVPN has it’s own VPN setup (similar to NordVPN) that you have to pay for. Using your Synology, it’s free.

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