Weird login behavior

I’ve noticed since upgrading to DSM 7.2 that I can bypass the login screen by simply refreshing the page. This only happens when I haven’t actively logged out (i.e. when I’ve closed the browser tab and relied on the automatic logout timer). This wasn’t an issue for me in DSM 7.0; I can’t remember if it happened with 7.1. Apparently the auto logout isn’t working properly.

I’ve seen other reports of this behavior, dating back to 2022, but haven’t found a fix. Has anyone else experienced this issue and been able to resolve it?

Even weirder… if I close the browser tab before my session is logged out, I can bypass the login screen the next time I login (even if it’s not till the next day or week).

BUT, if I leave the browser tab open and allow DSM to auto logout, then I can’t replicte the issue. Everything works properly the next time I login.