Weird Synology Drive Issue

Hi All:
I have a 2-way sync with my associate, between our two Synology machines. I noticed that some files were not synced back to my machine, while other recent files had been. We have 4 different sync tasks set up for various folders/reasons. When I logged in to his laptop to see what going on, I could see the files on his computer and they had green dots next to them as if they were synced. I opened one just to check if the work was done, and then suddenly it started syncing. So then I opened another dozen files and they started syncing. This makes me nervous, since I don’t know what else hasn’t been synced. Anyone else seen this behavior?

That is really weird behavior that I have not seen before. Were the files synced to his NAS before you clicked on them?

No they were not synced to his NAS. Just sitting there with green dots as if they had been synced. Plenty of other stuff from his SSD RAID had synced over however.

that is super concerning!

He is not using on demand sync right?

That’s correct, no on-demand. The symptom persists on this one sync task, three others are working fine. Same thing happened this morning. As a test I asked him to duplicate a file and it didn’t sync until he opened it in photoshop. I think I’ll just delete the sync task and re-do it, unless you think there is another way. Let me know if some log may help figure out what it’s doing before I delete it.