Western Digital NAS drives have started showing warning in DSM after 3 years of power on hours

I am officially no longer going to be recommending WD NAS drives to anyone. Western Digital Device Analytics has started marking drives with more than 3 years of power on hours. If you have WD drives you want to make sure you do not enable the WDDA test as it will uselessly mark your drives as warning, just because they have hit the three year mark.

Video going over it:


I have a DS 718+ with a pair of WD Red Drives. They have 20,000 hours on them, so I’ve got some time before I hit 3 years. In Storage Manager, I did not see anything in Settings pertaining to Western Digital Analytics.

Neither did I for my two WDC WD10EFRX-68FYT 1TB drives in a Raid on my DS220j
Talking of which, is there a step by step guide available for replacing these drives with 2 x Seagate Iron Wolf Pro drives of higher capacity (4TB)? Buying 2 x 1TB WD drives was a silly penny pinching mistake.
I’m very happy with the DS220j which performs well in a home setting but binning it for a new higher capacity unit seems unnecessary.
Advice/comments would be appreciated.

It looks like currently only specific WD drives are shipping with the firmware:

Also it looks like you can completely disable WDDA via SSH

Disclaimer: I have not tried this


I had to laugh at this video. Thanks for asking before posting. I had to turn of the analytics. I didn’t realize until the video that that disabled the notices about bad sectors, for example. Are we sure about that. I guess we can look at the screen later this am. Thanks. Live this platform for votes and comments. Awesome :blush:!!!

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