What is a cost conscious Synology NAS model that can be dedicated to surveillance (4 to 6 cameras)?


I’ve been absolutely loving the SpaceRex youtube channel, it has been instrumental in setting up a robust Synology NAS set up at my home with DS720+, so when I saw these forums I figured that this is the place to ask this question!

I’m moving home soon and would like to set up Surveillance station at my new place. I would like to keep it seperate from my DS720+ and so am looking for the cheapest possible Synology NAS that will handle 4 to 6 cameras. This will be dedicated to only Surveillance station. Even something with only one bay would be fine as this wont be really mission critical, and if the hard drive fails, I can live with the downtime and don’t really need to keep recordings. Could somone recomment a model that would fit these criteria?


Some of the older nas units came with 4 camera licenses like the 214play, might make for a decent camera station if you aren’t doing mostly 4k video