What is ds_store files?

What is the DS-Store Files That Pops up Everywhere - Can it be Deactivated?

So .ds_store files are MacOS Finder hidden files that Finder uses to save how your folder was last opened. You will need to execute the following command on each Mac connecting to the folder.

defaults write com.apple.desktopservices DSDontWriteNetworkStores true

By opening terminal and pasting that in and hitting enter. This will stop them from being created (and give you better performance overall). To delete all of them you may just want to search for them in file station and bulk delete them, or you can also just script it.

Thank you. Is this it? Will it give an OKAY or is this it?

Screenshot 2023-04-06 at 04.58.17

Fir the search in File station… Can I search the whole server - Looks Lik I Have to choose a share. What should I Type in bar?

Yes that is correct! you would only get an error if it did not work

I think just .ds_store should work. you may have to do it per shared folder