What is the best (most secure) way to log into DSM - yep, newbie

When I connect to my NAS via Synology Assistant on mac (monterey) it opens DSM in an ‘unprotected’ browser window. Is there a better/safer way to connect to NAS DSM that I’ve missed on Spacerex’s videos?
Thank you.

So there are two different types of connections on a web browser: http:// and https://. If you are on a local network it’s ok to use a http:// connection. If anyone was packet capturing on your router you have bigger problems. This will show a thing that normally says something like unencrypted

If you have a https:// connection, with a self signed certificate (which you probably do) or one that does not match the hostname you will get a not secure as your router thinks you could have a man in the middle attack going on.

TL;DR; both of these are secure! Even if your browser says it might not be secure! you have nothing to worry about

I go over it all in depth at ~6 minute mark:

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Thank you - apologies for the delay in replying. Also many thanks for the video (I missed that one!) and you have explained my query really well.

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