What is the best way for me to use my NAS?

Hey guys, just looking for some advice. I’m starting out with my first Synology NAS (the DS1522+). I am starting my journey with video and photo editing, as well as website development. In my NAS I’ve got only 2x8tb HDD’s in a SHR RAID. The NAS is only connected on a 1GBe connection. I’m stuck with deciding how I should use my NAS, and how I should connect to it as I move around a lot and won’t be able to use a direct connection all the time.

At fist I was just going to always use Synology drive and keep my current work local on my MacBook which has a 2tb SSD. This way I’m not limited by my NAS HDD speeds and can edit fine without slowdowns. However this also means whenever I need to access a large file, I will have to wait for it to download first.

The other option I was thinking, was to use the open VPN solution, but now I don’t know if this will be too slow to edit on, how to go about if I want to download something, and then what do I do when I get home and connect directly. Will my editing software (Premier Pro) think that the file location switched? Should I use a mix of both solutions, if so when do I use one and when do I use the other?

Sorry I know I wrote a lot, but I’ve just reached a bit of a jam, any advice would be much appreciated!