What is the best way to determine that a drive is failing in DSM 7.2.1

Hi, apparently it seems like synology had removed SMART data from the WebUI and some notification such as warning for smart attributes, UNC error and I/O error would not be sent. What would be the best way to determine a drive health in DSM 7.2.1?

Currently have scheduled smart test for all supported disk (monthly quick smart test, extended smart test every 6 months)

This doesn’t answer your question but I was watching a YT video by NASCompares and they were reviewing the use of non-Synology HHDs in the larger NAS boxes. If you use Synology branded HDDs you will have SMART capability. That’s not always the case with 3rd party HDDs. I think if you install WD Red HDDs you will have the functionality but Seagate Ironwolf you may not. So it could be the drives you’re using.

You might want to keep your eye on drive temperature and R/W performance. When drives fail it’s often the mechanical aspects of the drive. Alternatively, you might want to invest in a software that monitors drives like Solarwinds. They also have free trial software for you to try to see if it’s worth getting. There might also be a free utility that can be run in Synology Container Manager (Docker). You have to dig around the internet. Check Github.

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