What settings / plugins / options should I tweak in discourse?

I finally spun up this instance after some testing, but really need your help in telling me what I can do to make this experience better?

Things I am looking at:

  • Adding in Google Login
    – do people care / use this? (I realize everyone able to comment will have created an account)
  • Remove digest email? Seems how the forum is setup to have the first 50 people signed up by default? not sure if these are annoying for people
  • Update privacy policy
    – Right now I am using stock discourse, so not sure what trackers it has
  • Clean up the UI.
    – dark mode is great and all but would like it to feel more, spacerexy

Anything else I should know and/or add?

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I’m not seeing a logout option anywhere. That would be handy.

It should be under your account in the upper right hand corner


That is where I would expect it to be but I’m not getting it there as you can see. I see your screen image is from your phone. I’m using the latest version of Firefox ESR on Windows 10. I’ve tested it in Microsoft Edge on the same Windows PC and in Firefox and Safari on my iPhone and it is much the same as my screen image.

On the right hand side of your screenshot there is a column of icons. At the bottom of the column there is an icon of a person. Tap the icon of the person and the logout option appears.

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I thought I checked all those. Guess I missed that one. [face palm]