What to do when NAS go in Hibernation? Hibernation issue

Hi I have set up my NAS to go in Hibernation at a certain point during the day.
However I have not set up a WOL call, for some reason as I am using 10Gbe I am not given the option to select that specific port in order to wake up the NAS? Why?

Is it ok to push the main power on button to wake the NAS form hibernation s you do with any PC?

Thanks in advance for any answer:)


So WOL only works when you are connecting to a built in ethernet card. This is because PCIe devices are shut down when the NAS is powered off, so the 10GbE add in cards cant be used for WOL.

If you wanted to you could add in one of the 1gbe ports, and give it a static IP (you might even give it a static IP off your main subnet, as WOL just goes to a mac address) and use that for WOL

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Thanks for your answer Will!!