What VPN choice is right?

Just setup a new DS1621+ for my home NAS. Primarily, I’ll be storing my images and videos as part of my photography business. Mostly, it will be me accessing the NAS. But, as the business grows I may want to carve out space for shared folders that clients can access to collect their images.

Question #1. Which VPN option is best for this NAS?

Presently, I setup my NordVPN in Control Panel Network, Network Interface so that my NAS would be protected. But I just watched “Setup Synology OpenVPN Server” and now I’m confused. Apparently, I have to use one or the other of these VPN options - my current NordVPN or the Synology VPN Server. Which one would I benefit from most?

Question #2. I previously had a DS223, and all my DS applications for remote access were setup for that. Now I need to change those to use my DS1621+. How do I prep the new NAS for the Apps? Thanks!

Hi David,

OpenVPN is a secure VPN network interface that uses AES-256-CBC encryption. Through your DSM interface you can get a free DDNS Certificate from Synology and a free DDNS certificate from Let’s Encrypt and download from OpenVPN the client app (also free). The only time you need to leave your Synology interface is to get the client app. With a decent understanding of how to setup an OpenVPN connection, you can be up and running in an hour or less. Also, your not sharing your internet activity with an unknown 3rd party provider like NordVPN. Many VPN companies are owned by 2 or 3 parent companies and there is sufficient reason to be wary of their privacy pledge. Take a look at this video or this video to get an idea of some of the concerns people have. Also, big companies like NordVPN are targets for hackers to get credit card information from their databases. Getting everything for free require that you give no credit card information so there’s nothing to steal.

I’ll admit, I’m not a fan of NordVPN but it doesn’t make sense to pay for VPN service when it is a feature of buying a Synology NAS. Also, I can say that based on my experience, the technical service from synology is top notch. I don’t kow how good NordVPN tech help is but I’m satisfied with the service from Synology (also part of what you paid for when you bought your DS1621+.

About question #2, do you already have OpenVPN on that unit? What remote access are you doing on that?


I meant to say a free DDNS hostname from synology and a free DDNS certificate from Let’s Encrypt.

I use Cloudlfare Tunels instead of VPN for this for sharing images with clients. Secure HTTPS without having to do much work. You need need a domain name and to follow a quick YouTube tutorial on setting it up. You can use tunnels to set up access to any internal service you have over the web. I can access my TrueNAS with a web address as well as the Synology.