What's the oldest Synology I can use for offsite backups?

I was watching one of the older videos on backups and one tip Will mentioned is having an offsite NAS.
It could be a good idea to buy a really cheap old synology on ebay and put in a big noisy cheap hard drive just as something to act as a backup destination. Right now I have my DS923+ backing up to an external USB.

What is the oldest model synology I should buy that supports whatever feature is required for this to work?
Does it have to support Hyper Backup? (I think only the Plus models have this?)

So as far as I know all NAS running at least dsm 6.2 support hyperbackup.

What I would look at is any 18 year unit or later as a good candidate. If you can get one with BTRFS it’s great, but not strictly required

It comes down to how you plan to do backups, I setup an offsite rsync copy using a 214play which then does hyperbackup locally to an esata enclosure.

I frequently use DS216+/DS218/DS220 for this job.
The run with 2*16 Exos drives and 8GB RAM. DSM 7.1 is working

I also run a RS2416.
It also runs DSM7.1 and has 12 bays populated with Exos 10TB drives.
Nice as target for ABB but restores (W10 workstation 250GB → 2hrs) take time due to lack of RAM and only 4*1GBit/s

I think don’t buy a too old and low end Synology. I am using Hyperbackup to my old Ds211j, on DSM Hyperbackup it keep showing “Not Connected”, or “Connecting” and rarely shows “Connected”. I think my old Synology is struggling to cope with the processing as the CPU and memory remain high most of the time. Nevertheless, Hyperbackup still works.