When to use "share a folder" vs creating a "Shared Folder"

Hey Rex, it would sure be helpful if you posted a video on when it’s best to “share a folder” vs creating a “Shared folder”. There have to be best-use cases for each but there doesn’t appear to be any sort of comparison data out there for we users and amateur admins to latch onto. For example, I’m using both and for the life of me can’t really see any difference except it looks like I have more control over a folder I’ve “shared” than I do over the root-level “Shared folder(s)”. For instance, if I share a folder with a user, they don’t see every other folder on that level, but if I use a “Shared folder”, the sharee(?) sees all the other folders on that level even if they can’t access them. But they can both be mapped with SMB.