Where are you purchasing your hard drives from?

Where is everyone buying their hard drives from? I have purchased twice from Amazon, only to find out the firmware or some other specs don’t match Synology’s compatibility list, and I have to go through the hassle of sending it back. Thanks in advance.

For me personally I buy from BHphoto when it comes to hard drives.

But when it comes to firmware versions, it’s really on Synology, not on the drive manufacture as they are really limiting


I get hard drives from NewEgg… They tell you the model number and firmware version.

I purchased Seagate Ironwolf NAS drives 7200 rpm from Amazon without a problem. Not all brands nor even some within a brand are listed as supported by Synology Seagate Ironwolf is supported and that is the reason I stay with them.

I also buy from B&H photo. Where I live it comes next day. Their prices are the best for a private smaller business and they have a good technical service response to answer your questions. For the best prices it’s often Walmart online but you often get a 3rd party seller who is an unknown. I agree with Will, Synology’s compatibility list is a “snapshot” of what was available when they did their testing and not a exclusion of “all other” firmware versions for make/model of a HDD or SSD.

Years ago, I started purchasing camera equipment and accessories from B&H, always had a very good experience. They had knowledgeable experts who were an excellent resource at times. Over the years I have also bought various electronic items through them, including cellphones and laptop. More recently, I purchased both my Synology NAS’ and hard drives through B&H. Even though I am on the west coast, delivery time has been exceptional. One time an item did not work properly, and they returned and replaced it immediately, no questions asked. There has been a few occasions where I did found a better price through other retail outlets, but I decided to stick with B&H for both customer service and ease of return if there an issue.

Thanks for the info. I have a DS1821+ with eight Seagate 8 TB Ironwolf drives and want to upgrade to three Seagate 16 TB Ironwolf or Ironwolf Pro drives.

I have tried the following, but did not work:

  1. Seagate IronWolf ST16000NT001-3LV101 FW: EN01 (16TB)
  2. Seagate IronWolf ST16000VN001-2RV103 FW: SC60 (16TB)

I sent the log files to Synology tech, and their response was that the disk is being recognized but marked as misclassified, which indicates issues with incompatibility. I also updated the drive database to see if they can be identified; still, no luck.

I am trying to find a vendor who will tell me the specs (Model, FW, etc.). The last vendor misled me with the wrong FW. I am tired of sending back incompatible drives.

Please let me know if you have an idea of what is going on. Thanks.

Not sure I can add much to you trying to find the exact Seagate model AND firmware to meet Synology compatibility. But I have a couple thoughts. While I ordered through B&H I went with Synology drives for both my Synology NAS’, a year prior I did order some Seagate IronWolf drives for another purpose. I looked at the B&H invoices and original order and they do not indicate firmware. Based on my previous experience with B&H, I would think you could call or start a chat session and given your specific need (and them not wanting you to retun them) they very well might tell you the exact model and firmware they are shipping. And too, as bdoria indicated, NewEgg gives you what you need. Also, I seem to recall that Seagate has a tool to change (update only?) firmware, if you haven’t already considered this as an option.

Below is a list of the only Seagate 16 TB drives that are compatible with your DS1821+ (direct info from Synology Compatibility List). I looked on Newegg, and only 3rd party sellers have the drives, but they are NOT giving the firmware… Seems only drives sold by NewEgg have the firmware information in the Spec. section.

Seagate Enterprise Exos X16 ST16000NM001G - 2KK103 SN02
Seagate Enterprise NAS IronWolf Pro ST16000NE000 - 2RW103 EN02
***** - Seagate NAS IronWolf ST16000VN001 - 2RV103 SC61 -*****
Seagate NAS IronWolf ST16000VN001 - 2YU101 SC60
Seagate Surveillance SkyHawkAI ST16000VE000 EV02

So it looks like your #2 drive would be compatible if you did a firmware update to SC61

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