Which HDD for the DS1522+

Hi there.
I have a technical question about some drives i want to install on my new DS1522+.
I’ve been searching a lot about compatibilities and sector formats (521e, 4kn, etc).
My question is: Can I for example install 3 Toshiba Enterprise (MG08ACA16TE) which aren’t on Synology’s compatibility list?
Because i found a pretty good deal in terms of cost

Will I encounter any issues in any way?
Do i need to ONLY install 3rd party HDDs that are on the compatibility list?
What’s the case? Just an error message that i can ignore?

Please advise…

I think this automod from synology reddit answers your query.

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Yes you can, it will only give a quick warning when you first build the volume, but thats it

Is this the only time you get a warning, when setting up the volume? What about afterwards, I’ve heard of users not being able to remove the pesky warnings. Maybe its been updated with DS 7.2