Why do all internet providers just suck?!?

Why is it that you hear that literally every ISP is terrible. They either have way to many issues or just scam you in their prices. A friend of mine was recently quoted a price for a small business office for fiber… Dedicated fiber line for 100 down and 100 up all for $2800… Seriously?!?

What’s deal with ISP’s. We should make our own :slight_smile:

Also, I have encountered multiple crazy people that claim to be T1 or T2 engineers in tech support yet they clearly read off of a script or have no clue what they are doing. For example:
One day I walked home and noticed cable line outside was down and tied to my apartment stairs. There was a fire close by so I assumed it was a firetruck that hit the lines. I then walked into my apartment and noticed my roommate brought a brand new router. I asked him why did he spend $200 on a new router. He told me because he called the ISP and they said the reason why the internet was out was because our router was more than 3 years old… I told him to look outside. I called the ISP back and hashed out with them. It only took them 28 hours to eventually get the powerback. I also requested a credit for the 28 hours we didn’t have internet, and you know what the T2 said over the phone… “We can’t do that”. Ohhhhhh, okay. Sure no problem, I’ll just let the FCC no you can’t do that. Long story short we got our money back.

Second story: I was at a friends house troubleshooting there internet issue. They had a great router to which I determined (after testing) that the issue was with the ISP. So I called them up on behalf of my friend and “Tech Support” told me that the reason why it all of a sudden started to just drop packets out of the blue was because my friend needed to upgrade his internet package ($100 difference). I thought, “am I talking to sales or tech support here”? I explained to this particular person that I need to talk to someone who actually knows what their doing (kindly of course :slight_smile:). After about 10 minutes of telling me why I needed to upgrade I eventually got in contact with a comptent person that told me they were working on the line and it would most likely be up and down for a couple of more hours. I then asked why the other person couldn’t tell me that. He responded with “The T1 engineer didn’t tell you that? That’s odd, because I just had to ask him what the issue was and that’s what he told me”. HELLOOO?!? Are you kidding me…


Level 1 and 2 tech support tend to be horrible, and I think it is a self fulfilling problem.

Phone tech support sucks so people who know what they are doing will spend hours researching to avoid calling → Now only people who are technology challenged call tech support → tech support companies now only have people who dont know what they are doing calling, so they hire worse support → support gets worse, tech people avoid it even more.

It’s honestly the reason a lot of people end up calling me and hiring me

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$2800 is pretty nuts for just 100mbit. I could understand that it was 1 gig, as business stuff is always more expensive.

I am quoting some data centers and I can get 1 gig symmetric for about $400 a month, without a cap with 5 public static IP’s.

Did you go to school to learn what you know now or is everything you know self taught?

By data centers do you mean ISP’s?

No, I’m actually looking at getting a rack in a datacenter for client backups and web hosting. The internet portion is ~400

So your getting a 1 gig symmetric but not a static IP? All for $400? If you don’t mind me asking, what ISP do you use?

Ah so at my house I have google fiber (consumer) which is $70/month, no static IP’s

I am looking at getting a rack in a data center and getting business fiber, which would be $400/month

Thats awesome! I did not realize Australia had that fast of internet! I had always heard it was pretty rough!

Google fiber here in the US gives you 1 gig symmetric for home for about $70 /month and its really really good. But any thing ‘business’ at least in the US gets crazy really fast!

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Illinois Metronet 1 gig symmetric static IP $81.95 a month. So far very happy

Haha. I wish… In the Area of Las Vegas I am in I get 300/30 and have a cap of 1TB.
I hate Cox Cable.
Maybe one day they will get the fiber in but they keep a Monopoly on it so they have not incentive to make it happen.
I pay $129.99 a month, 500/30 is unlimited is $179.99. per month. Absolutely insane. Time to break up all the crazy giant Monopolies…

Liberal (Republican for the US gov screwed us) but Labor (Liberals) are back in and getting us back on track. The original plan around 2009-2010ish was for 95% of Australia to be all Fibre, no Copper, so the country would be completely future proofed but when Liberal got in they played that typical line of ‘no one needs 100mb internet speeds’.

I’ve Fibre so 1gb and currently working on installing a 10gb/10gb internet connection for a client inMelbourne and Sydney as they do video production. Each 10gb link with unlimited data is $2499 a month with no setup costs for 36 months.

I do wish I could get at least 2.5/5gb at home. It’ll come in the coming years.

@Bubba , you have a 1TB monthly limit? Wow. Do you struggle with that? I sometimes transfer over a TB in a day and average 10-30TB a month depending on what projects I’ve got on that month.

Yes. It’s a joke. COX cable is a Monopoly here in Las Vegas. They need to be broken up. I have been promised for 10 years Fiber is coming. What a joke.
COX wants an extra$50-$60 per month for the unlimited plan.
That’s the issue with no competition in a closed market. They can rip us off without any repercussions.
Same with Republic Trash Services. For 8 years I have paid $120 for 3 months of 2 yard dumpster pickup 2 times per week. in Oct 2022 they cut one day off of pick up and still charge the same $120.00 per 3 months. Another Monopoly that you can’t fight. :frowning:

I am back in the same boat as yall! I use to have google fiber in huntsville, which was unbelievably good. But now I have moved to raleigh, and my neighborhood was only wired for Charter Spectrum. Not a single other provider is here (other than 5g). Everywhere else has google fiber and a ton of options!

I ask myself that question everyday. COX sucks in Las Vegas for sure. 1tb data cap… No fiber available in my area… :frowning: