Will Synology Applications work with Encrypted Volumes and...?

For example, I would like to have Synology Photos and Synology Drive targeted to an independent volume that’s encrypted. Both the Application and the Data (or I guess not the Application, but definitely the data).

Could this be accomplished now with Encrypted Folders?

Furthermore, is there a way to offer users encrypted services that an ADMIN couldn’t see? For example, if I gave a user access to Synology Photos, any Admin could browse the content. I would like to avoid this culpability. Meaning, the user would have their own (encrypted) file structure in Synology Drive and Synology Photos that admins would not be able to see, but only administer the user.

So this right here can be done easily with DSM 7.2’s encrypted volumes. Or really for the 90% option using encrypted shared folders today (things like the database would not be encrypted when using shared folder encryption, which may contain sensitive information such as file names)

Unfortunately there is no way of doing this without using a third party encryption client.

Am I right that application AND data would both target the same encrypted volume? That would get the 100% encryption? (But admins would still be able to view that data provided they have access to said encrypted volume)?

So all application data is saved on whatever volume you install it to, which means that you can put it on an encrypted volume and it would be encrypted. Small applications like ExFAT don’t actually get installed to a volume, but rather the system volume. But this is a package from Synology so no need to encrypt it locally