Youtube Video Suggestion - DSM 7.2 Whole Volume Encryption

Hey Will, here’s a suggestion for a future Synology YouTube video. I have a Synology NAS which, via Hyperbackup, backs up to a second Synology NAS (configured as JBOD). I would like to get the primary NAS volume encrypted using the new feature in DSM 7.2.

Would be interesting to see you walk through this process so I’m a bit more confident I can do it myself.


Absolutely planning on doing that video very soon!


Can you at the same time talk about where the keys to the volume are stored, and if they are retrievable by someone who steals your NAS and tries to get them through for example dumping the RAM or by examining the system. Also, the only thing we can modify is the password for the vault. How strong is the acutal volume key that Synology generates and is it strong enough to withstand brute force attacks?